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                       Therapeutic Yoga

Kids Power OT offers therapeutic yoga tailored to the needs of the individual child. Anandhi is practising yoga from her childhood and also trained in the Special Yoga and Mindfulness for Autism, ADHD and other Learning Challenges. She is witnessing the invaluable difference made to children’s progress when integrating Therapeutic Yoga with OT intervention.
Yoga (meaning union or yoke) is the practice of accessing and integrating all aspects of our true nature — body, mind, and spirit.
Therapeutic Yoga’s methodology includes the classical yoga practices of movement, breathing, deep relaxation combined with sound, rhythm, massage and sensory integration techniques. Taking the child out of stress and into a relaxed state creates the optimum condition and possibility for positive change. By practising yoga poses, children can learn how to exercise, develop confidence, and concentrate better.
Therapeutic yoga is beneficial to kids in many ways. Because children encounter emotional, social, and physical challenges or conflicts, a dedicated and intentional yoga practice that includes breathing techniques, behavioural guidelines, and physical postures can be incredibly valuable for them.

The benefits of Therapeutic Yoga include:

• Improving motor control, motor-co-ordination and motor planning skills
• Developing physical strength, muscle tone and balance
• Promoting flexibility and correcting postural misalignment
• Increasing self-awareness
• Establishing calm, organised mental states
• Improve focus and concentration
• It Boosts Self-Esteem and Confidence
• It Strengthens the Mind-Body Connection
• Reduce hyperactivity
• Relieve respiratory ailments
• Develop the ability to relax
• Release tension
• Reduce fear, frustration and stress
• Enrich the quality and quantity of sleep

Parents may notice how therapeutic yoga benefits their kids, but the best judges are the kids themselves. Children who have practised yoga tell teachers and parents that they are able to concentrate better during the day, focus better on their activities, and pay attention to their tasks — all the finest endorsements.

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