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Occupational Therapy Service

OT Assessments

For most children, we begin with an assessment before starting sessions. This is so we can thoroughly understand your child’s challenges and needs to ensure their OT sessions are best helping them. It also acts as a benchmark to understand the degree to which your child is struggling in certain areas and to measure their progress throughout their time with us.
You can read more about our assessments in our FAQs. If you want to book your child in for an assessment, please contact us.


One to One OT Sessions

At the start of your child’s one-on-one sessions, we will set therapy goals with you and your child. we will then tailor the session activities to these specific goals. Depending on what skills your child is working on, this could include jumping on a trampoline, games, obstacle courses or writing about their weekend. Whatever it is, the activities will be building your child’s skills. We may also suggest activities and exercises do at home during the week to help your child continue practising their skills and incorporate them into their daily life.

We’ll recommend the length of your child’s sessions (between 45 minutes – 1 hour) and how long they come to us for depending on your their needs, goals and progress, however, this is always up to you.


School Visits

We can also come and visit your child’s school to observe their classroom skills. This can be helpful for knowing which skills to work on in one-on-one OT sessions as well as being able to provide recommendations for your child’s teacher as to how best to support and engage them.


Group Sessions

We run a variety of group-based Occupational Therapy sessions. They can be effective for a variety of reasons, including:
Practising and developing social skills
Time and cost efficiencies
Even more fun!
We run multiple group sessions during the school for children in preschool to Year 6:
Social Skills and Self-Regulation (Preschool to Year 6)
Fine and Gross Motor Skills
For more information on our next Holiday Groups, please contact us.
If you’re interested in term-time group sessions for your child, please get in contact with us. Term-time group sessions depend on Occupational Therapist’s availability and your child’s developmental goals.

Parent & Teacher Occupational Therapy Courses

Parent OT Courses

We hold multiple parent and carer workshops throughout the year. These have been created to help parents better understand their child’s developmental challenges and provide them with strategies they can use at home to help their child.

Teacher Courses

We run multiple teacher courses throughout the year, designed to provide teachers with new insights into children’s development and equipping them with practical strategies they can use to help their students. Our courses can count towards teachers’ Continuing Professional Development points.